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A Memorial of Memories


      I know that there are many out there grieving at the loss of a remarkable friend, others grieving the loss of someone who pressed forward with such energy and skill and passion the things he believed
in.  Perhaps the web site will be a place for them to share and regroup.

      For those working hard and with imagination and humor at the things Gary cared about, whether or not they know him or of him, I hope these remembrances will be an encouragement to keep going.

                        Jeanne Charn, April 20, 2000

Gary Bellow, friend, mentor, teacher, and inspiration to generations of activist lawyers and advocates for justice for the poor, died April 13, 2000.

We offer these memories in honor of his achievements, his humanity, his energy, his vision and his moral and political clarity, and as our pledge to carry on his struggle.


Gary's Law School Classmates have generously made possible a more concrete memorial, the Bellow Sacks Access to Civil Legal Services Project, an ongoing project which will apply the searching questions Gary always asked about the Legal Services movement, to the context of today's struggle for access to justice.

Just Released (December 2005)
Civil Legal Assistance for All Americans,
The Report of the Harvard Law School Bellow-Sacks Project on the Future of Access to Civil Legal Services
Cover (Large File), Table of Contents, Text Body

Click Here for Access to the Website of the Bellow Sacks Acess to Civil Legal Services Project

On June 18 to 20, 2003, the Bellow Sacks Project will be hosting the 2003 Meeting of the 
International Legal Aid Group -- Click Here for the Meeting Website

On May 25, 2000, a Celebration of the Life and Work of Gary Bellow was held in Cambridge Mass

Click Here for Speeches and Materials from the Celebration

On May 8, at the CLEA/AALS Clinical Conference, a Memorial Ceremony was held for clinicians, including Gary, who have died in the last year.

Click Here for Thoughts on Gary Prepared by Jeanne Charn and Read by Cheryl Burg Rusk at this Ceremony

Memorial donations may be sent to:

Gary Bellow Memorial for Social Justice Education at Temple Beth Zion
1566 Beacon Street, Brookline, MA 02446
Hale and Dorr Legal Services Center of Harvard Law School,
In memory of Gary Bellow
122 Boylston Street, Jamaica Plain, MA  02130
           Phone 617-522-3003; 617-522-0715 (Fax)

Gallery of Photo Memories

Memories and Reminiscences including from the April Funeral

Interviews with, and Writing by, Gary (Now Including Turning Solutions into Problems [1977])

The Beginings of an Archive of the Legal Services Center

More Information about the Hale and Dorr Legal Services Center Today

A Message About Organ Transplants from Gary's Family

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